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Dictionaries define "Education" as "to teach knowledge and skills." However, the original meaning of this word in Latin is "to pull out the innate ability". Parents and teachers have a responsibility to pull out the original large potential capabilities any child was born with to the fullest extent through education. Let's focus on the long-term future, not an immediate one. The future of the world depends on the children of today.



The Shichida Method™ is a proprietary right- brain training system with more than 40 years of research and over 35 years of track record in Japan, involving special processes and materials created by The Shichida Educational Institute. The number of centers has surpassed 450 all over Japan and is the most popular course in Singapore and Malaysia since it was introduced in year 1999. The Shichida Method™ has grown phenomenally to be recognised as the Number One brain development programme. From the thousands of personal stories and anecdotal evidence reported by parents on the programme, many now firmly believe in early sensory stimulation to draw out rich creativity and hidden innate abilities in children.

• Small class size (4 to 6 children).
• One parent stays in class with the child.
• Specially created materials for developing numerous abilities each week.
• Weekly reviews to monitor child's emotional and learning response.
• Availability of family-friendly support services.




June 08, 2019


Shichida UK recently celebrated their anniversary on the 8th June 2019 at The Abbey School in Reading. It was very well received by the parents and children who attended the event. We had the privilege of having the Mayor of Reading, Cllr Paul Woodward presiding over the function along with the Mayoress. We were also honoured to have the family of the Shichida Method Founders from Japan, Mr. Ko Shichida - CEO, Mrs. Mayumi Shichida - VP and Ms. Atsuko Shichida - VP, to participate and present in the event and give away the certificates to our 'Young Geniuses' who are the current students attending the program.   

In an exclusive interview with Families magazine, son of the founder, Mr Ko Shichida President & CEO Shichida Japan, said: “The Shichida Method™ is about making children self-learners, and equipping them with the skills to excel in all areas of education. The ages between 0 and 2 are the most important in the brain development. At that point, the right side of children’s brains are dominant, so capturing that window and drawing out the hidden abilities they possess is incredibly powerful. It gives them the potential to be great musicians, mathematicians, athletes – whatever they choose.” 

Mrs. Mayumi Shichida, Vice President Shichida Japan, added: “The human brain is such that whatever skills we do not use in infancy are lost. We are born with remarkable abilities that are often overlooked. The key is to make it fun – if children are not having fun, it is not working. The education system gives children a lot of knowledge. Shichida provides the skills so you can process that knowledge yourself, and make all the necessary connections.” 

Shichida’s reputation means that parents like Michael and Lachin Harvey make three-hour round trips to attend. Their son, Miles, has been attending classes for almost a year starting just a few days after he turned one year of age. Michael said: “I began to research the Shichida Method™ shortly after Miles was born. It is totally unique, and I became convinced that it would give him the best start in life. I’m a firm believer in the power of imagination and classes have definitely developed his ability to play on his own, and his fascination with everything he comes across. His language acquisition is good for his age – especially considering he is already tri-lingual – and he is very musical. We spend 30 minutes every day with him at home working on the exercises that we have been given in classes. We really value that parent / child bonding. When he starts school, we feel confident that he will be ready and will reap the benefits from the foundations that are being being laid now.”

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January 10, 2025


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