Dictionaries define "Education" as "to teach knowledge and skills." However, the original meaning of this word in Latin is "to pull out the innate ability". Parents and teachers have a responsibility to pull out the original large potential capabilities any child was born with to the fullest extent through education. Let's focus on the long-term future, not an immediate one. The future of the world depends on the children of today.

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The Shichida Method™ is a proprietary right- brain training system with more than 40 years of research and over 35 years of track record in Japan, involving special processes and materials created by The Shichida Educational Institute. The number of centers has surpassed 450 all over Japan and is the most popular course in Singapore and Malaysia since it was introduced in year 1999. The Shichida Method™ has grown phenomenally to be recognised as the Number One brain development programme. From the thousands of personal stories and anecdotal evidence reported by parents on the programme, many now firmly believe in early sensory stimulation to draw out rich creativity and hidden innate abilities in children.

•Small class size (usually 4 to 6 children but currently maximum of 3 children).

•One parent stays in class with the child.

•Specially created materials for developing numerous abilities each week.

•Weekly reviews to monitor child's emotional and learning response.

•Availability of family-friendly support services.

New Centre Opening Soon in Sutton (SM1)

We are pleased to announce the opening of our next Shichida UK centre in Sutton at Trinity Church (Postcode SM1 1DZ) starting from October 2022. Registrations for the new batches starting at Shichida UK Sutton are now open. Get in touch with us on 07943-891779 to book your first FREE trial session and reserve your space. 

Day Care
Day Care

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Kid Playing with Wooden Toys
Kid Playing with Wooden Toys

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Day Care
Day Care

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Parents Feedback

Hi Vandy,
This was the feedback from Akira's nursery:
Akira always impresses me with all the general knowledge she has.  This week she explained to me very seriously how and why we have our nights shorter and why is getting darker at around tea time.  I love how she gathers information, as is evident she uses not only the adults as source of information, but also she is able to discern what her peers are telling her and make her own conclusions.   It is really a pleasure to hear her thoughts.

This week Akira has been putting the final touches on some of the decorations for the upcoming winter holidays.   During our group times we have been discussing how some families will celebrate Christmas, some won't.   During the discussion one of Akira's friend mentioned he won't have a tree, to which Akira replied "neither do I, but it's OK, we can see the decorations on the street".     This sentence was then translated into how it doesn't matter if one has a tree or decoration, but what matters is that we have good actions.

I am also very impressed in how much effort Akira is making with her lower case, her letter formation is really good, she is not just copying the letters, she is actually learning something that will be taught to her when she is in Reception and Year one.   Brilliant.  We have ​been practicing some mark making, both indoors and outdoors

I'm so glad she is learning and making good progress. Shichida has increased her attention span 



Words can only describe our school so much. A visit will let you experience it. Learn about our curriculum, community impact and how we support our students here at Shichida. Join us in one of our upcoming events, activities and local projects. Sign up and reserve your spot today.

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