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Shichida UK is pleased to introduce Shichida at Home - an Online Program for children 18 months - 4 years old focused at developing skills such as numeracy, creativity, empathy, critical thinking and image training. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere and is aimed at giving your child a head start in life. It offers three different packages - Basic, Standard and Premium, to suit your specific needs.


Shichida at Home is the world’s first online whole-brain training program. Developed by Shichida Educational Institute Japan, Shichida at Home is a comprehensive, age-specific early learning program that is designed to give your child the best start to life. It is the ultimate companion program for parents looking to do more on top of their Shichida classes and the perfect program for parents who live to far from a Shichida centre but who would still like their child to experience the Shichida Method of learning.​

Disclaimer: Please note that this program is offered, managed and executed globally by Shichida Japan and clicking the below button will redirect you to the global ‘Shichida at Home’ website that has all the required details.

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World Class Brain Stimulation
Course Since 1978.

The Shichida Method™ is a proprietary right- brain training system with more than 60 years of research and over 40 years of track record in Japan, involving special processes and materials created by The Shichida Educational Institute. The number of centers has surpassed 450 all over Japan and is the most popular course in Singapore and Malaysia since it was introduced in year 1999. The Shichida Method™ has grown phenomenally to be recognised as the Number One brain development programme. From the thousands of personal stories and anecdotal evidence reported by parents on the programme, many now firmly believe in early sensory stimulation to draw out rich creativity and hidden innate abilities in children.

  • Small class size (usually 4 to 6 children).
  • One parent stays in class with the child.
  • Specially created materials for developing numerous abilities each week.
  • Weekly reviews to monitor child’s emotional and learning response.
  • Availability of family-friendly support services.

Course Fees

Registration Fee (one time) – £ 100.00

Fee per session ( Reading) – GBP 40 (T&C)

      Fee per session ( London ) – GBP 60 (T&C) 


  • The above fee is Exclusive of VAT
  • The registration fee includes the Shichida UK welcome pack
  • The Fees are payable every Term ( 3 months) in advance via Direct Debit.
  • The above fee is subject to revision by Shichida UK management
  • Lessons will be conducted once every week and each session will last for 60 minutes