- Small class size of 4 to 6 children accompanied by a parent or guardian (compulsory)

- 60 minutes class time including feedback session

- Term period of 12 weeks with a break of 1 week between terms

Session activities include but are not limited to the following:

• Image play - Embrace your child’s imaginative side. Our instructor will take your child through many exciting journeys!

• Memory games and techniques - Replicating a picture after being shown for several seconds. Children at our early learning centre have impressed many people with their memory and have taken the techniques beyond our program into their daily lives.

• Flash cards - Many topics of interest will be introduced to your child in this section enhancing their concentration and general knowledge.

• Hands on tasks - Early childhood critical thinking activities including mazes, puzzles and tangrams help your child think creatively and independently.

• Working with letters - Your child grows familiar with words and the alphabet through writing and drawing exercises.

• Working with numbers - Your child becomes comfortable with numbers through various exercises.

• Working with music - By listening, singing and playing instruments, your child learns to appreciate music and to express themselves.

• Story time - Reading stories relevant to the child's age to help improve their imaginative capabilities.


Lessons are structured in accordance to the levels of material provided in class for each child to develop the following:
- Sensory concentration ability
- Photographic memory skills
- Computer-like calculation capability
- Perfect pitch music ability
- Multi language acquisition ability
- Image communication ability


Registration Fee (one time) - £ 100.00

Monthly Fee (4 sessions) - £120


- The above fee is inclusive of VAT

- The registration fee includes the Shichida UK welcome pack

- The fees are payable every month via direct debit

- The above fee is subject to revision by Shichida UK management

- Lessons will be conducted once every week and each session will last for 60 minutes




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